How does it work?

Our main goal is to get the best possible outcome. You can get help with your project by submitting your tracks in less than 5 minutes. Get to know how Masterizo service works.

Listen the Diference:

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  1. Upload your files

    Select one of our packs to submit your project files along with a selection of other specifications or notes needed to develop your order.

  2. Review and master

    Once we receive your request, one of our mastering engineers will analyze it and pick the right tools to make a powerfull and clear master of your songs.

  3. Download and listen

    Finally, download your files as a WAV or MP3 with a click of a button and listen to the difference that Masterizo makes in your recordings.

I’ve been using Masterizo services for 1 year and I can notice my releases have much more impact and consistency than ever before.

anyer avatar 150x150 - How It Works
Anyer Quantum
DJ / A&R at Horns And Hoofs Entertainment

When I found Masterizo it was like a blessing. They do everything for me. When I need audio mastering they deliver on time.

andre avatar 150x150 - How It Works
André Ferreira
COO at Airstoc

I’ve been using Masterizo services for a couple of years now – they’re always highly professional and backed up by amazing recomendations.

ben rama avatar 150x150 - How It Works
Ben Rama
Label Manager at Techgnosis Records

Trusted by over 100 artists in over 17 countries

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